Supply of materials and equipment

RIKS PCS has capabilities for production, procurement and supply of liquid mud plant equipment:

  • storage tanks of drilling fluids (in normal and heat-insulated options);
  • tanks for drilling fluids preparation (mix tanks);
  • storage tanks of bulk materials;
  • equipment for preparation of dry mixtures;
  • pumping equipment;
  • equipment for recovery and purification of drilling fluids;
  • equipment for utilization of sludge;

Due to the well-established supply chain and partnership with Russian and foreign suppliers, specialized in various fields of construction, research and production activities, we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of high quality materials and equipment for oil, gas and chemical industries. All supplied equipment and materials have the required certificates.



Design - the basis of future construction. Design is a separate area among the range of services provided by the RIKS PCS that includes:

  • oil and gas fields facilities;
  • liquid mud plants, bulk plants;
  • storage tanks of drilling fluids and bulk materials;
  • auxiliary equipment for drilling wells;
  • industrial and main pipelines;
  • industrial buildings and structures;

Professional engineers will develop a preliminary concept design and construction documentation for new construction, overhaul and reconstruction of industrial objects.

  • Conceptual design;
  • Design Documentation (stage P);
  • Construction and As-Built Documentation (stage RD);
  • Method Statement (PPR);

Our experts have experience in coordination of Design documentation in construction, technical and ecological supervision authorities.


RIKS PCS provides services to oil and gas companies in construction, installation and commissioning. Principal fields in the area are the following:

  • construction of the oil and gas fields facilities;
  • construction of liquid mud plants and bulk plants;
  • production of storage tanks of drilling fluids and bulk materials;
  • installation of industrial equipment;
  • construction of oil terminals, production and installation of reservoirs for oil products storage;
  • installation and repair of oil and gas pipelines;
  • construction of oil and gas pumping stations;
  • commissioning works;
  • construction of industrial buildings and structures;

We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand the range of services provided to our Customers and we are continuously improving our quality control system.



The development of modern society and the laws of the modern market that serve it dictate the need to search for and implement new solutions in the traditional production activities aimed at meeting consumer demand. At present, it is possible to state changes in the scale of values of the modern person and society as a whole. Among the requirements for products and services, safety and human health, saving and effective use of energy and resources, protection of the environment have come to the forefront.

RIKS PCS is a construction company that provides services to enterprises of the oil and gas industry in performing design, construction, installation and commissioning works that are safe for human health and to the environment.

The company's capabilities in the construction industry are confirmed by certificates:

  • СРО-С-158-77-0843-77-240517
  • СРО-П-182-391-7751002406.01
  • HSE management system OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001-2008)
  • Environmental management system ISO 14001-2007 (ISO 14001:2004)

Wide international contacts and relations, the experience of implementing international projects allow the company to work effectively in many regions of the world.

The company organizes highly qualified engineering and technical workers and employees of working specialties, who have extensive experience in the petrochemical industry, industrial and civil construction.

Employees of the company are registered in the National registers of specialists in the field of construction and in the field of engineering surveys and architectural and construction design (NOSTROY and NOPRIZ).

The company has organized a certification commission for regular testing of knowledge, training and re-certification of employees on permanent basis.

Newly recruited employees are trained and certified in training centers.



of Foundation

Completed projects.

  • Installation of LMP and Bulk Plant in Novorossiysk in support of Eni. Customer - Satskmorneftegaz (JV Eni & Rosneft).
  • Design and Installation of Bulk Plant in Baku, Azerbaijan Republic. Customer – Halliburton in support of SOCAR.
  • Installation of LMP in Baku, Azerbaijan Republic. Customer – Halliburton in support of SOCAR.
  • Installation of LMP on Sakhalin Island (Russian Federation). Customer – Halliburton in support of SEIC (JV GAZPROM & SHELL).
  • Dismantling of LMP in Murmansk, Barents Sea coast. Customer – Halliburton in support of KarMorNeftegaz (JV Exxon Mobil  &  Rosneft).
  • Installation of metal frame and sandwich panels of the fence of the shopping complex p.Yam, Domodedovsky district, Moscow region.
  • Installation of LMP in Murmansk, Barents Sea coast. Customer – Halliburton in support of KarMorNeftegaz (JV Exxon Mobil  &  Rosneft).
  • Construction of a plant for the production of styrene-acrylic dispersion and an impact modifier in the territory of the Plastik plant in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. Сustomer - company HOMA.
  • Construction of a feeding branch of an oil pipeline with reserve tanks at reconstruction of the Yaroslavl oil refinery
  • Construction of a logistic complex in the Domodedovo district of the Moscow region. Customer - AERODAR
  • Construction of a warehouse complex category "A" in Vyazma. Customer - Plastic Center.
  • Construction of a logistics complex, Yaroslavl. Customer – BERTELSMANN, Germany.
  • Construction of a complex of industrial, logistic and office buildings, Shchelkovo MO. Сustomer - EuroChem-1.  
  • Construction of oil terminal on the Vyatka River, Kirov region.



Being our Customer and trusting us to perform works of any complexity, You get a reliable, professional partner focused on providing high-quality services, saving Your money and reducing costs while maximizing the use of our company capabilities and resources to fully meet Your needs and requirements.

Our clients are the best confirmation that the company RIKS PCS firmly holds its place in the market of industrial construction. We value each of our customers and we always try to move our cooperation on a permanent basis. The high level of construction work carried out, their great quality and reasonable cost, create favorable conditions of cooperation with our company, causing the customer service to contact us again and again.

During the activities in the field of industrial construction in Russia and abroad, our clients are many public and private companies.

The oil and gas industry, light and heavy industry a list of customers of our company is large, and we are proud of the fact that each of them enjoys our services. We are confident that the popularity and good name among the Customers is the best promotion that is possible!

        THEY TRUST US:



RIKS PCS uses only high-quality and certified equipment and materials from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers. We cooperate with many companies, we can order any products produced by them on the most favorable terms for you.

If you want to purchase industrial equipment or materials at the best price, please contact us! We work with manufacturers directly, without intermediaries, and guarantee you the lowest prices and fast delivery of ordered equipment to any site in Russia and the world!

Having chosen us, you will save time and money, the equipment ordered by you will be delivered to you exactly in the terms specified in the contract. It is also important that we do not only supply equipment, but also provide services for its installation and commissioning, and we provide after-sales service. Working with us is beneficial and convenient, as you can always see for yourself!


Manufacture and supply of contactless industrial of ULM level gauges
Supply of electrical materials and cable products
Manufacture and supply power equipment, automation equipment, distribution devices
Manufacture and supply of electrical equipment
Manufacture and supply of low voltage equipment and electrical automation
Manufacture and supply of switchboard equipment
Concept development, manufacturing and supply of pre-fabricated hangars


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