installation Bulk Plant in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Customer: Halliburton Company in support of SOCAR, Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku, Caspian Sea coast, 16th kilometer of Salyan highway.

Construction of a bulk barite plant in the period May-July 2017 was the second phase of the construction of a liquid mud plant for SOCAR (Republic of Azerbaijan).

Scope of Work: Design of Bulk Plant, foundation design, supply of materials, installation of a monolithic foundation, installation of equipment and process pipelines, civil works and construction of a prefabricated industrial building? pneumatic testing of equipment and pipelines, commissioning.

Capacity of silo farm is 3 200 bbl.

In this project, RIKS PCS acted as a designer, general contractor for construction and installation works and a supplier of materials and equipment.

The project has been fulfilled on schedule and put into operation.